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Luke has been an incredible teacher/tutor.  My son (7 yrs.) and daughter (10 yrs.) have had so much fun learning Mandarin Chinese.  He knows how to simplify the complicated and is great at creating a personalized curriculum plan that’s right for you.  He uses a variety of learning tools including games, videos, and “real life” role playing techniques. 


Luke’s patients for young ones is a treasure.  He always takes the time to answer all of their questions, even if they are a bit off topic.  One of my favorite skills is his attention to detail.  He noticed my kids taking an interest in a Chinese chess game he had.  Luke asked, “Do you think that is interesting?  Would you like to learn how to play?”  My kids replied with an enthusiastic “Yes!”  So, he made a deal with them.  The deal was if they tried real hard and learned all their new words really well, he would teach them how to play.  My children have been so excited about having a chance to play; I don’t think they realize how hard they have worked or the fact they’ve had no intention of giving up.  However, this parent has noticed! 


When a teacher/tutor can make learning as fun as a game; you know you’ve made the right choice.  Thank you Luke!

Lana W. (Parent of homeschool Students)

Minneapolis, MN

Luke Wang is a great teacher and tutor, we highly recommend him.

My son had a wonderful experience working with him during the summer of 2016 as he was working to advance a level in Chinese.

Luke's method of daily short homework assignments really helped my son implement the new vocabulary into each lesson.

Having twice weekly lessons not only improved my son's speaking skills, but also confidence while speaking Chinese.

Luke's fluency and accuracy in Mandarin allowed my son to develop full and accurate tonality.

As I parent, I really appreciated his frequent communications with me, keeping me updated and informed about my son's progress.

We could not have been happier.

Ayse M. (Parent of High School Student)

St. Paul, MN

We have had Luke tutor our son, Philip since 2010.  Philip has gone from a ‘C’ to a consistent ‘A’ in Chinese!

Luke has done an amazing job of teaching Philip.  His teaching style is one that incorporates motivation and persistent drilling. He meets with Philip once a week for two hours and converses in Chinese with him by phone nightly. They go over vocabulary, conversations and pronunciations.

Luke has helped Philip become disciplined, and has motivated him to become more fluent in Chinese. Luke has turned Philip around to becoming an excellent student in Chinese. His persistence, patience, discipline and nightly conversations have made Philip love Chinese again. Philip is now planning to study Chinese in college.

Annette and David S. (Parents of Philip.10th Grade)

St. Paul, MN

Luke is an excellent tutor, and I highly recommend him. I saw Luke for 6 weeks prior to taking a college Chinese language placement exam. He listened closely to my needs and schedule, and came to our first meeting with the books we needed and a lesson ready to go.


Not only was he an engaging teacher, but he also introduced me to useful study tools and Chinese art and culture. After 6 weeks I felt very confident going into my test, and got into the level class I was hoping for.


Thanks Luke!

Galen P. (College Student)

Minneapolis, MN

My Kids are Chinese immersion students who need the “right” person to bring out their inner Chinese student in them.


Luke was just the right combination of teacher, friend and role model.  My kids liked the games he played with them, the music he played and the positive comments he used to encourage them.  


As a busy mother, I really appreciate his efforts to come right to our house for the tutoring sessions.

Kate, J. (Parent of Student)

Hopkins, MN

I am an international student from South Korea. I have studied Chinese with Luke since the summer of 2012. And this is a summer where I have studied Chinese in a very efficient manner.


Luke is a really good, supportive Chinese teacher. He knows what kind of style of teaching is needed depending on the student. In my case, I really want to improve my conversational skill, so he and I always have a lot of conversations in Chinese. Also, he explains grammar in a way that is easy to understand and easy to apply to speaking. He always gives a page of notes after each class, which includes what sentences and words are important to know and memorize.

Thanks to his efforts, I am now able to have short conversations with my Chinese friends. I am very impressed by his Chinese teaching skill and I am really happy to recommend him to whomever wants to learn Chinese.

Woo (Student in the University of Minnesota)

Minneapolis, MN

Luke has made all the difference in our first grade son's ability to thrive in learning Chinese.


Our son began Kindergarten at Yinghua Academy in February and was therefore about 5 months behind the other students. We found Luke over the summer and after just a handful of sessions Luke had caught up our son on everything he missed the prior year and had him fully ready to begin first grade with confidence!

We've continued having Luke come weekly throughout the school year and his work with our son continues to have a huge impact. We are so grateful to have found Luke!

Bethany H. (Parent of Student)

Minneapolis, MN

Luke is a fantastic tutor!


He helped me prepare for a study abroad in China, especially with improving my tones and pronunciation. Since I've been in China I'm constantly using things that he taught me, a lot of which I never learned in my formal Chinese classes.


He even helped me practice watching Chinese movies, a very important skill for intermediate Chinese learners! I highly recommend him for anyone.

Ella C. (Currently Studying Aboard in Chengdu, China)

St. Paul, MN

Having only studied mandarin Chinese for one and a half years, I knew I was not quite prepared for my semester studying abroad in Shanghai, China. During the two months before leaving, I hired Luke to help improve my foreign language skills. For the duration I received tutoring three days a week, Luke has helped me tremendously. He helped me improve my reading, writing, speaking and listening Chinese language skills. He especially helped me become more fluent in my Chinese speaking pronunciation using the right pinyin tones.

Without Luke’s tutoring assistance, I would have had a much more difficult time communicating in China. I would highly recommend Luke as an outstanding tutor. As a junior in college with numerous help from others helping me with my Chinese skills, I would say Luke Wang has been the best Chinese language tutor I’ve had.

Alex R. (Junior College Student)

Minneapolis, MN

Luke has been tutoring my 8 year old son for almost a year. I couldn't be happier with the progress my son is making. Luke tailors his tutor session to each person. He has taken the time to really get to know my son.


Thank you Luke!

Anne D. (Parent of Student)

Minneapolis, MN

It was a pleasure working with Luke.  He was able to make a real connection and relate with our teenage daughter, and in 3 short months, help her build a very solid base knowledge of tones and characters.  Luke is friendly, responsive, and very reliable.  We will definitely recommend him to other families.

Ken P. (Father of Cara, Middle School)

Minneapolis, MN

Luke worked with my son during the summer of 2011 to go through a whole year of curriculum for Mandarin Chinese school so that my son could skip a grade. 

Luke grew up in China, so his pronunciation and tones are perfect.  He also has a very updated usage of Mandarin of mainland China.  He is very gentle, patient and professional.  In addition to the lesson books, he was able to insert in additional materials to help my son expand the scope of learning. 

Most impressive of all, Luke has an exceptional spoken tone that makes his Chinese sounds so clear and musical.  My son enjoyed his lessons with Luke and was able to pass his placement test with flying colors.  I would highly recommend Luke as a tutor for Mandarin Chinese.

Lai-Wa Tam (Parent of Student)

Roseville, MN

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