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I love working with students of all ages for various goals. Following are some comments from my clients. Even though learning another language can be challenging, the rewards are immeasurable for all ages.

"Luke has been an incredible teacher/tutor.  My son (7 yrs.) and daughter (10 yrs.) have had so much fun learning Mandarin Chinese.  He knows how to simplify the complicated and is great at creating a personalized curriculum plan that’s right for you. 


He uses a variety of learning tools including games, videos, and “real life” role playing techniques.  Luke’s patients for young ones is a treasure.  He always takes the time to answer all of their questions, even if they are a bit off topic.  One of my favorite skills is his attention to detail.  He noticed my kids taking an interest in a Chinese chess game he had.  Luke asked, “Do you think that is interesting?  Would you like to learn how to play?”  My kids replied with an enthusiastic “Yes!”  So, he made a deal with them.  The deal was if they tried real hard and learned all their new words really well, he would teach them how to play.  My children have been so excited about having a chance to play; I don’t think they realize how hard they have worked or the fact they’ve had no intention of giving up.  However, this parent has noticed!  When a teacher/tutor can make learning as fun as a game; you know you’ve made the right choice.  Thank you Luke.


- Lana W, Minneapolis, MN

"I highly recommend Mr. Lejing Wang as a Mandarin Chinese tutor.  He is an excellent teacher, being very patient in explaining, and as necessary repeating, the difficult nuances of speaking and reading Mandarin. Building vocabulary lists that students can easily review when they are on the internet, allowing them to review at their own convenience. 

Mr. Wang has excellent English communication skills which assists in conducting his lessons.  Any questions that arise he is able to address and he understands English idioms which, in my experience, is not the norm for someone who was not born in an English speaking country.  Overall his communication and interpersonal skills are excellent.  

Mr. Wang is flexible in arranging time to tutor his students.  He will strive to accommodate his students' requested times to the best of his ability.   This assists in allowing his students to take his classes when the students' have time. If you are looking for a hard-working, patient and all around excellent Mandarin teacher, I highly recommend Mr. Wang without any reservations.  "

- David S, (online lesson with Luke), Faribault, MN

" When I started working with Luke, I had one specific goal: to pass the MTLE subtest 2 for Chinese Mandarin. This test is one of the licensing tests required for teachers of Chinese as a Foreign Language in Minnesota. For a native speaker of Chinese, the licensing tests do not pose a serious challenge, but I am not a native speaker. Prior to meeting with Luke, I had already taken several years of Chinese at the university level. I had also been accepted to the licensing program at the University of Minnesota for teaching Chinese, and I had passed the first subtest. Nonetheless, subtest 2 was a daunting challenge for me because it required me to speak and write spontaneously, so I decided to hire a tutor to help me.


I am glad I chose Luke to help me with this task. He understood what I needed, and he was flexible enough to let me go at my own pace and adapt to what I wanted to work on. In particular, I was happy that he was willing to let me practice speaking on topics, both related to the test and my own personal interests. I appreciated being able to discuss cultural matters with a native speaker... "

- Leah M. Teacher from Minneapolis, MN

No one is too young nor too old to start the process of learning another language.  and the sooner, the better! 

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